E-learning kursus om den svære samtale

Kursus om den svære samtale

Online kursus om den svære samtale

e-learning kursus om disiplinære samtale

Kursus om den svære samtale

The difficult conversation

HR kurser

HR kurser

The difficult conversation E-learning course


In this e-learning course "The dificult conversation" we will give you an idea on how to handle a difficult conversation, which you might encounter as a leader.


Perhaps you are a first-time leader or have been in charge for a while without having to handle a difficult conversation. In this course we meet a leader and one of his staff, and you get the chance to follow their conversations based on video scenarios. The course also contains dilemmas as well as a  quiz.

Price per user: DKK 400 ex. VAT.

If you want to buy access to 10 or more users, please contact us

Ezector Solutions, Dantes Plads 1, 1556 København V. support@ezector.com  +45 31 53 07 96
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