E-learning IT sikkerhed

E-learning IT sikkerhed

E.learning kursus i Crisis Management

Kursus i Crisis Management

Kursus i Crisis Management

Kursus i Crisis Management

Crisis  Management

E-learning course about Crisis Management


Any company operating anywhere in the world may suddenly find iteself in a crisis situation.


Some crises are detected early, while others may occur unexpectedly.


No matter how, when and why a crisis occurs, a company must be prepared to handle the situation.

In other words, you must have a crisis management plan that can be activated quickly with a short notice.

In this course we will look at some examples of poorly managed crises and other examples that show management ability to cope with a crisis. 


We will also review the various elements of a crisis management plan.

Price per user: DKK 500 ex. VAT.

If you want to buy access to 10 or more users, please contact us


Ezector Solutions, Dantes Plads 1, 1556 København V. support@ezector.com  +45 31 53 07 96
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